The talks will be conducted by prominent academics, thought leaders, innovators and students on issues affecting civil society in South Africa. The list of speakers can be viewed below

Early Childhood Development
Wednesday, 24th October 2012

Dr. Kirsty Donald: The neuroscience of early childhood

Senior Specialist in neurodevelopment at the UCT Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Dr. Kirsty Donald will shed some light on what happens to the neurology of our minds during the formative years.

Professor Andy Dawes

Professor Dawes discusses why we need to ramp up a comprehensive package of early childhood services to our poorest young children.

Nadeema Jogee

An early literacy specialist from PRAESA, Nadeema travels the country working in communities to build cultures of reading from the ground up. She'll talk about the role of images and pictures in assisting young children to the transition to becoming writers.

Nadia Lubowski

Nadia is the Director of the Anton Lubowski Education Trust and has vowed to continue her father's commitment to equality through her work in the field of Early Childhood Education. Having worked as a teacher in an ECD centre in Philippi, Nadia will share her rich experience and stories on what it means to assist the youngest in such resource-challenged areas.

South Africa's Seas
Thursday, 25th October 2012

Michelle Slabber (CPUT)

South Africa boasts some of the riches biodiversity world wide: not only are our landscapes picturesque, but our coasts are unique as well.The Indian and Atlantic oceans meet on the southern coast of SA giving our waters a rich and extraordinary biodiversity from the cold Benguela current in the west to the warm Agulhas on the east coast. This talk will focus on ocean based biodiversity, the science that is currently being conducted within this field and how conservation is linked to biodiversity.

Michael Farquhar (Curator of the Two Oceans Aquarium)

For Michael, working in the Aquarium is �a mix of marine biology, science, writing and practical hands-on work�. As curator, he is involved with planning, designing and constructing new exhibits. He also leads a team of dedicated aquarists who are passionate about their work. Michael will share a small snippet of the large variety of work the Two Oceans Aquarium does and talk about their ragged-tooth shark program.

Russell Stevens (Head of Education: Two Oceans Aquarium)

Russell heads up a qualified and committed education team at the Two Oceans Aquarium which aims to be part of addressing both the challenges in education, and the imperative to conserve our marine environment. Working mostly with schools, Russell and his team lead the way to informing and inspiring young South Africans to understand the oceans around them.

Janine Basson (SASSI)

Janine is the manager of the WWF Seafood Consumer Awareness programme, also known as WWF-SASSI. Together with its sister programme Seafood Market Transformation, WWF-SASSI works holistically through the seafood supply chain to communicate the work undertaken by the programme, including training of fishermen, working with retailers, as well as utilising consumers as a market incentive for better and more sustainable fishing practices.