Potter Talks are a series of exciting and thought provoking short lectures given by prominent academics, thought leaders, innovators and students on issues affecting civil society in South Africa. The goal of the talks is to inspire, educate and engage. Talks are open to the public and all who are interested may attend.

Early Childhood Development

Wednesday, 24th October 2012

Join us for an evening where we discuss that most influential period of our lives: the part we can't remember. From neuroscience of the early brain, to the challenges of exposing young children to literature and providing the necessary services for effective early childhood development in those places where resources are the most limited, the Potter Talks 3 evening on Early Childhood Development promises to give food for thought about the foundations we all need to thrive in society.

South Africa's Seas

Thursday, 25th October 2012

With our resources on land rapidly diminishing, humanity is turning its gaze to the seas to look for the next answer to our sustenance and development. But while our relationship with our oceans is a long one, it is recently more fraught with trouble as we seek to draw resources from our waters. Our "South Africa's Seas" evening will offer us different perspectives on what it means to understand and use our oceans wisely: we'll look into biodiversity in our oceans as well as mechanisms on how we can study an environment in which we cannot live without artificial support, and we finish off our evening with some useful awareness information on how we as consumers can alter the demands and pressures placed on our marine resources and why we should.

Come join us for one - or both! - Potter Talks this October and we promise you a stimulating and insightful evening. Click on Speakers for more information about each evening.

Good news! We've come in under budget for Potter Talks 3 this series! We're pleased to pass this on to you by allowing entry at the door at no charge. We look forward to seeing you there.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Talks start promptly at 7pm. See you there!